2017 session

February 6-11th

Strasbourg, France

The Electrophysiology School of Strasbourg

posteris offered to Master and PhD students as well as young researchers willing to improve their background in the field of electrophysiology with emphasis on acquisition and analysis of electrophysiological signals.

The course consists of a series of lectures completed with tutorial and hands-on sessions covering the following topics:

  • Introduction to electrophysiology
  • Electronics in electrophysiology,
  • Ground and Filter
  • Patch clamp (Neuronal firing and synaptic currents)
  • Sharp electrode (In vivo extra-, juxta- and intracellular recording)
  • Amperometry
  • MultiElectrode Array
  • Ion-sensitive electrodes
  • Neuronal network
  • In vivo multi-site LFP recordings (e.g., tetrodes)
  • EEG in experimental and clinical investigation
  • Acquisition software tutorial




School Organizer

Pascal Darbon (INCI - Institut des Neurosciences Cellulaires et Intégratives, UPR 3212 CNRS)

Local Faculty

Bourgin Patrice (INCI, UPR 3212 CNRS)

Cordero-Erausquin Matilde (INCI, UPR 3212 CNRS)
Darbon Pascal (INCI, UPR 3212 CNRS)
Desaintjan Didier (INCI, UPR 3212 CNRS)

Goutagny Romain (LNCA, UMR 7364)

Hugel Sylvain (INCI, UPR 3212 CNRS)
Isope Philippe (INCI, UPR 3212 CNRS)
Pinault Didier (U666 INSERM)
Roux Michel (IGBMC, UMR 7104 U964)



The registration fee is 300 Euros and it covers meals but not accommodation and transportation. The school is free of charge for members of the University of Strasbourg and of Neurex network.

A total of 20 trainees will be accepted.

Registration deadline: January 10th 2017.

Please submit your application with a CV and covering letter by email to pascal.darbon@inci-cnrs.unistra.fr


The school is supported by
Ecole Doctorale des Sciences de la Vie et de la Santé de l’Université de Strasbourg Neurex Logo NeuroPôle